Choose A Number Ring Vintage Typewriter Keys Miniblings Digit Digits White

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Beautiful ring made of original antique typewriter key.
This is our top seller with the number of your choice! Hotel (the character varied on the button at the numbers and can not be selected!)
The keys can minimally in Scripture vary because of different typewriter models)
hand made jewelry out of antique - up to 100 years old -. typewriter keys
Beautiful letters behind glass in a metal frame information This is a Upcycling. product and can therefore show slight signs of wear. These are charming and underline the Vintage character of this unique jewelry!
In our shop is a white and black version available.
Please select your requestednumber!
(Help for search your requestednumbers: Take the number coming first thing first thing and look for it in the title (eg when 1 + 8 the title this article then open and "... 1+?". there is a drop-down menu listing the second number, in this case, the "8"). If you go about finding, they just type "1+?"
material motif: antique typewriter, metal, glass
ring size: adjustable
size of the subject: 16mm
Content: 1 ring

  • Beautiful ring of original antique typewriter Miniblings® - miniature jewelery and fun accessoires
  • Hand made in Berlin!
  • Check out our store for matching jewellery sets(eg matching necklaces/ earrings / keychain / hair clips / Charms)
  • See product information below for more details!

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