Jellyfish Earrings Miniblings pink Tentacles Medusa Ocean Diving Summer

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What could be cooler than a nice summer dress with these pink jellyfish earrings?

They are made out of soft silicone rubber.,A real eye-catcher and very pleasant and light to carry.

Perfect for the summer, diving trips and for all jellyfish fans!

Treat yourself with these cute jellyfish or give them away as a present for your loved! ones

The rekation will definitely be great!,

We also offer matching neckalce and  charm in the shop!

material pendant: rubber
hooks and eyes: silver plated
length of the pendant (without hook) 35mm
Content: 1 pair of earrings



Miniblings® - jewelry and accessories handmade from Berlin-Kreuzberg!

With Miniblings® you can easily show who you are. Buy the insignia of aour hobbies or profession or give it away to your loved ones - a smile is guaranteed!

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