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bracelet with 11 antique typewriter keys | Various, random characters and numbers
A Choosing of letters and / or numbers only at extra cost - please request by mail
Each bracelet is unique!

The bracelet 17.5 cm, if that shouldn´t be long enough we can add additional typewriter keys for extra charge. Please request by mail if you need a longer bracelet.
F.e. if you need a length of 22cm three typewriter keys must be added.
The price for one is 4,00€, is you need two or more every typewriter key costs 3,50€.

hand made jewelry out of antique - up to 100 years old -.. typewriter keys
Beautiful letters behind glass in a metal frame information This is a Upcycling product and can therefore show slight signs of wear. These are charming and underline the Vintage character of this unique jewelry.

Material Pendant: glass, metal, silver
size of / the pendant (s): 16mm
bracelet length: 17.5cm
Content: 1 bracelet

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