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Pop-UP art paper heart

When you are far away from your mom, or partner, why not send them a
piece of art, a heart together with your love?
This one's light-weight, 3-dimensional and hand-made from high-quality
paper. However, although it fits into an envelope, this is not only a 
gift card:
cut out from its base, it will make a magnificent decorative piece of
art e.g. when hung into a window, on the front door or into a flowering
branch in a vase to be enjoyed in its pure elegance. For an additional
personal touch, send it together with some flowers, or spray with colour
or perfume, or sprinkle with glitter, or enclose a slip of paper with 
your favourite poem or quote, or use other creative ideas, for of course your 
mum, or partner, is different from everbody else's, and it is you who knows them best!

Closed: 15x15cm
Heart size: 11cm H x 12cm W x 5cm deep

Content: 1 Card

Design: * Christoph von Lengerke

  • ++ Pop-UP art paper heart Card  Hand Made!
  • ++ QUALITY: Handmade with love! Crafted in our workshop in Berlin in Germany
  • ++ HAPPY GIFTS: Great card for your loved ones! - A perfect gift for your anniversary, birthday, passed test, engagement, wedding, children's birthday party etc